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Proficient Software For Valuers

Proficient Software for Valuers is more than property valuation software, it becomes the beating heart of your business. In development for more than 5 years and now in daily use by independent firms across Australia, Proficient supports tens of thousands of valuation jobs each year.

Our tried and tested design helps even the most technology averse to find their way around quickly. Proficient Software for Valuers runs equally well on Macs and Windows PCs.

A selection of Proficient System features are detailed below. For more information or to request an online demonstration, please contact us.
Recent Properties and Quick
Find What You’re Looking For

Locating properties, clients and jobs is fast and straightforward whether you're looking for an address, plan or specific details like zoning or sale prices. To save even more time on looking for properties you're currently working with, Proficient keeps track of these for you.
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Custom Form - PropertyPro

Complete Forms With Less Effort

Filling forms is less effort with typist-friendly assisted database forms for common valuation and business tasks such as entering instructions, residential mortgage valuations (PropertyPro) and more. Proficient's Custom Forms encourage consistency, and automatically add to the contents of your database as you work with them. Form completion options can include director authorisation to help manage risk, and automatic secure PDF creation and e mailing. If you have a specific need, you can commission forms to your own design
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Automatically Generated E Mail Confirmation

More Time for Important Tasks

Keeping all of your information in one place allows you to leverage the administrative benefits this approach can bring. When invoices are generated and sent with just one push of a button, support staff are able to spend more time on research and production tasks. Automatic job confirmation can help you meet reporting obligations and customisable debtor management can significantly improve your cashflow.
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Dashboard and Chart

Make Better Business Decisions

How many jobs are outstanding? Which staff are under-utilised? How many new sales have been added? How many jobs were completed this month? What where they worth? Which quotes need to be followed up? Flexible reporting options help you to keep track of what's happening in your business so you can make appropriate and timely decisions.
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Automatically Generated E Mail Confirmation
More Consistent Documents

Document management features help you overcome the major storage and location challenges in your businesses. Your templates can be easily applied to jobs to ensure the right formats are used from the start. Revisions can then be created automatically to assist with tracking the progress of work. Documents are easily e mailed, and a record of all these tasks - and more - are stored centrally so the appropriate staff can see exactly what has been done and by whom. Of course all your documents are stored in one place - making them easy to find in the future. Documents need not belong only to jobs - they can relate to sales, contacts, business management, professional interest ...

Leverage Your Pictures

Comprehensive picture management features include numerous ways to help store and present images consistently. A folder of pictures can be saved across multiple jobs in one go, and are then presented when reviewing searches, properties and reports. Pictures are easily copied and pasted into other programs such as Word. A special "optimised" copy of incoming pictures are automatically created so your Word documents stay manageable.
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Property Addresses Maintained As You Work, Plans Automatically Link to Properties
Streamlined Production

Do once, use many features include the automatic maintenance of property address information and re-use of brief property descriptions described by valuers when researching market evidence which save time when property information is required in the future. Dynamic connection of plan documents to properties in the same subdivision saves time on searching and money on duplicate requests from title search providers. Property address and identification information updates as you add more detail to improve accuracy and reduce maintenance tasks.
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Your Tasks - Property and Job Details are within Easy Reach

More Time For Your Specialism

Your work comes to you as Proficient Software's powerful "Actions" management system gathers together impending tasks as they become due. These tasks might include telephone calls to make, documents to work on, e mails to send or review, forms to complete or research to perform - and they're limited only by your business need. Looking back on any job that's been using Actions reveals the path taken to perform the work - ideal for quality reviews.
Proficient Software for Valuers runs equally well on Macs and Windows PCs.

This is only a very short list of Proficient features - for further information please
Contact Us.