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What makes the Proficient approach different to other services being offered to valuers? How should these differences should be considered in choosing software for your independent valuation business?
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Why Proficient Is Different?

Download a printable PDF file that compares Proficient to other offerings in the market, and explains Why Proficient Is Different.
Proficient Projects Are Business Focused
Every Proficient Project includes an element of business planning, because implementation of systems and practices that are aligned with business goals add greater value.
Getting You Off the Mortgage Security Treadmill
Proficient Software is not designed exclusively for high volume mortgage security work, because any future for independent valuers must be in diversified, specialised professional practice.
(Re)Build Client Relationships
A Proficient Project helps valuers to crystallise ideas about client service. Proficient Software provides tools that actively support the development and maintenance of valuable client relationships.
Effectively Manage Different Work Types and Specialise
Proficient Software for Valuers was designed with specialised firms. It's flexible enough to manage any valuation job, and simple enough that even the most technology-averse valuers can master it.
Keeping Control Of Your Business Data
Proficient Software is designed to be housed in valuers' own businesses and under their complete control, because valuers demand it.
Keeping Cost In Check
A Proficient Project for your business is extremely cost effective. Through unique business automation features, it can offer significant production cost reductions, even for smaller firms.