Proficient Solutions - Software Is Just The Start ...

A Proficient solution goes beyond software. A unique professional project is tailored to your business that ensures that you get the best possible value from your staff and systems.


Planning lays a solid foundation so that business decisions can be made quickly and are in-keeping with your goals.

Process Analysis streamlines your procedures to get everyone working as efficiently as possible.

Data Transfer allows existing information such as PropertyPro or in-house databases - including documents such as reports, spreadsheets and pictures - to be used with Proficient software.

Training helps everyone to become comfortable with a more effective way of working.

Customisation creates functions unique to your way of working. This may include Custom Forms which you can commission to improve your workflow, importers that quickly integrate information regularly received from other sources such as real-estate collectives, councils or statutory authorities, plus any other custom development that you may require.

Advanced Training shows you how to customise Proficient Software for Valuers to get the very best out of its comprehensive automation, efficiency and reporting features.

Sales QuickStart helps you to hit the ground running with an import of your choice of commercially available sales data.
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FastTrack Planning Worksheet

A Proficient Project includes a short planning session to ensure that the Project reaches the goals of your organisation. The Worksheet contains all the discussion points for this session.
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Getting Ready for Proficient
The implementation of Proficient in your business is based on what your business needs. The Getting Ready documents show all of the possible preparations you can undertake to get the very best out of Proficient.
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IT Questionnaire and Integrator's Checklist

These guided worksheets help you to document your existing IT setup and are a great record-keeping exercise in themselves. The Proficient IT Integrator's checklist details the IT that needs to be in place for you to benefit from Proficient.